Routes Szumy – Blue routes – Susiec Rebizanty (10.5 miles/17km long) going through the preserved forest of “Nad Tanwia.” Szumy are a series of small water cascades on the river “Tanew,” pulling along for approximately 1km.

Viewing Tower – View Susiec and the surrounding countryside from this recently added attraction.

Czartowe Pole – An environmental, didactic path approximately 0.8 miles ( 1.4km) long which passes through a rigorously protected forest.

Stone Quarry – Stone pit in Nowiny. Visit the scenic rock cavity hidden in a pinewood forest.

Belzec – The first Nazi German extermination camp. Belzec serves as a memorial and museum to Polish Jewry exterminated by the SS as part of Operation Reinhard.

Zamosc – Formerly the county town and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1992, it is known as “The Pearl of The Renaissance.” It features a remarkably beautiful market square, fortress, old monuments and a great variety of shops, restaurants and patisseries.

Zwierzyniec - This is one of a number of delightful tourist towns in Roztocze. It is located by the river Wieprz bordering National Roztocze Park, whose headquarters are located in the Plenipotent stately home. There is a museum and educational centre, “Pond Echo,” and Baroque church on the water.

Lviv – Once a Polish city it now belongs to Ukraine. It is situated 66.1 miles (104 km) from Susiec. The historic city centre is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Lviv is the home of the Philharmonic orchestra, Theatre of Opera and Ballet and Lychakiv Cemetary alongside The Cemetary of the Defenders of Lviv.

Local Attractions

  • Canoeing
  • Lakes and Pools
  • Bike paths and Walking routes
  • Stud Farm
  • Fishing
  • Local Food
  • Wild Mushroom and Blueberry picking